Face Paint

All the face paints used by Carnivelle and their team are approved cosmetic grade paints. We also use prosthetic grade paints for special effects such as UV and Day Glo.

Removal of face paint

To remove paint lather with soap and rinse until clear. Baby wipes are not recommended. Note that face paint will stain light fabrics, especially when fully wet. To avoid staining of wash cloths and towels be sure to rub with hands and rinse clear before using.

As a fun activity you can use a baby wipe, press against the skin and take an imprint from


Some staining of skin may occur. This is normal and not permanent. We use highly pigmented paint to get a good effect. Sometimes this can leave some shadowing or staining on the skin. If after cleansing with soap there is staining, use a skin safe oil to massage into skin. You can use your hands or a cotton pad. The stain should fade after a few hours or over night.


We use cosmetic grade glue and tape. Bling should last the full day assuming that it is left alone and not pulled or scratched at. To remove you can peel gently at one end. Should the bling be hard to remove do not pull but apply a lotion or mild oil, such as coconut or baby until the adhesive softens.

Bling can be used again and again. If you apply eye lash glue you can get a similar effect.

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos can last up to 7 days. They are water resistant and will survive bathing if the tattoo area is not scrubbed or rubbed.

Should you wish to remove the tattoo use a mild oil, lotion or rubbing alcohol and cotton ball. Rub lightly until the glue starts to come away.